• Carentan Liberty March
    3 Juin 2023

    In the footsteps of the 101st Airborne Division…


Carentan Liberty March 2023
Saturday, June 3rd 2023

The infamous Carentan Liberty March, dear to the hearts of re-enactors eager to immerse themselves in the historic sites of Normandy, in the most authentic and respectful way, will return next June as part of the commemorations of the 79th D day anniversary.

As usual, the new organizing team is proposing a route filled with the thousand and one stories of the battles for the liberation of Carentan, in the footsteps of the American airborne troops of the 101st Airborne Division.

See you on Saturday, June 3rd in Carentan, for an unforgettable day of immersion and true reenactment.

Carentan Liberty March Committee

“Walk where they fought”. The motto so faithfully staged for more than 10 years by the Carentan Liberty Group will now be orchestrated by a new steering committee made up of enthusiasts, great regulars and historical executives of the march.

The reenactors coming from all over Europe will find the same concern for historical authenticity as in the past, with an ever stronger emphasis on education and understanding of the events of 1944.

The immersive character of the march is naturally preserved, with as usual a lot of surprises intended to increase even more the immersive experience of the march.

Whether you are a seasoned re-enactor or a beginner, this march is for you, to discover, understand and feel the founding events of our freedom regained 79 years ago.